4 Health Benefits of Glutathione

4 Health Benefits of Glutathione


Glutathione is the most common antioxidant that appears on the human body. And it is one of the most important as well. This antioxidant is produced by every one of the human body cells and is used for many different processes that maintain the body functioning correctly. Depending on the glutathione levels, it is possible to tell if a person is healthy or not. Additionally, this antioxidant can offer many different health benefits.




Benefits of Glutathione in the Human Body

As a naturally created protein that comes directly from the human body, it has the purpose of protecting tissue, cells and some organs against infections, diseases, and other external agents. It is made by glutamic acid, glycine, and cysteine. All of these proteins boost the human immune systems and offer great health benefits like these:


Stop Neurodegeneration

The wonderful oxidant effects this protein has can improve brain neurons and make them work more efficiently. By detoxifying our brain cells, Glutathione can also help stop neurodegeneration and stop different diseases like Huntington disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.


Treat Psychiatric Disorders

Schizophrenia, the most common mental health problem in the world makes the brain work with low levels of Glutathione. The use of Glutathione pills on schizophrenic patients has shown to improve the symptoms and stop the degeneration of the brain. Also, patients with OCD have improved their symptoms with the use of Glutathione, mainly because it helps to reduce stress and anxiety.


Treat Cancer

As a protein and antioxidant that appears in almost every human cell in the body, glutathione plays a major part when it comes to regulating living and dead cells. Cancer patients with low levels of glutathione experience an increased damage on the cells, something that makes cancer grow faster and expand throughout the body. With proper use of Glutathione supplements, many effects of cancer like throat and oral cancer have been decreased. In cancer patients with successful chemotherapy treatments, the use of glutathione helps to grow back the lost cells and tissue.

But the most important use of glutathione on cancer patients is the detoxification of those cancer cells from tumors. However, incorrect use of this protein in cancer patients can actually develop stronger tumor cells.


AIDS Treatment

Almost all AIDS patients tend to produce a lot less Glutathione in their bodies due to damaged mitochondria. Patients with proper Glutathione intake usually show signs of improvement in their insulin creation, muscle mass, and strength. Also, Glutathione has shown sign of improvement in the immune system on individuals with AIDS and has also decreased the developing of tuberculosis and other diseases.


Use Glutathione to Improve your Health

If your body is not producing enough glutathione or you are suffering from any of the previous diseases and conditions, the use of this protein will for sure help you maintain a better health. Make sure to contact your trusted physician before taking any medication.



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