Foods Rich in Glutathione

Foods Rich in Glutathione

Glutathione Rich Foods

Glutathione serves a number of functions that are critical for various body processes. It cannot be ingested directly into the body as a supplement because of its volatile nature; however, it can find its way into the body through various foods that contain rich quantities of the element. Glutathione has usually tucked away in various cells of the body such as lung cells, colon cells, and bone marrow and it helps the cells fight cancer-related growths. Consuming the glutathione-rich foods outlined below will secure just the required quantity of the element in the body.




Milk thistle

This is an herb that has been in existence ever since the medieval age. It was used by tradition doctors to cure various liver-related complications. A consumption of milk thistle will lead to the plummeting of the level of GSH.


Whey Protein

This is a supplement that increases the level of l-cysteine in the body which on the other hand works in tandem with the immune system to boost the level of glutathione. This process is an immune response due to lower quantities of GSH rather than a normal body process.


Foods rich in Sulphur

Experts are of the opinion that low levels of sulfur amino acids will certainly make the level of glutathione in lung and liver cells drop. Taking a diet of vegetables will restore the level of sulfur amino acids. They include but not limited to: kales, broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, and cabbages.



It is an antioxidant that replenishes the body of glutathione and can be found in various foods such as canned sardines, chicken, egg, spinach.


What Foods Can Improve Your Glutathione Level


Foods rich in Vitamin C and E

While vitamins are only known to serve the function of boosting the immune system, it is crucial to note that they also actively involved in the restoration of glutathione to optimum levels. Foods rich in vitamin C and E are very common and can be easily accessed. They include oranges, red pepper, broccoli, avocado, sweet potatoes etc.


Beef Liver

It has been established that beef liver has high quantities of selenium will boost the level of GSH in the body. It is crucial to note that the liver of a cow that is exclusively on a grass diet will provide more glutathione compared to that of a cow on a different diet.


All in all, the lack of glutathione in the body cells will render us susceptible to life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer or cancer of the bone marrow, therefore, adding the listed food to our to-do list will safeguard our health.



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