How Glutathione Helps In Detoxification

Glutathione Helps In Detoxification

You know that oxygen is vital for your survival and to keep our body healthy.

But oxygen can also cause the production of cellular waste through metabolism, which can damage your organs and can lead to diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and be less immune to AIDs.

Cellular waste or reactive oxygen species (ROS) can often lead to feeling stress and lack of energy.

Glutathione is the essential antioxidant which can protect the body from damage caused by cellular waste or reactive oxygen species (ROS). Glutathione exists in every cell of your body. It is a peptide which is created by the combination of 3 amino acids-Glutamic acids, Cysteine and Glycine.



How Glutathione Helps In Detoxification

Glutathione Protects You From Lots Of Dangerous Toxins – Both Internal And External

As explained above cellular waste is the dominant internal toxin. Glutathione is produced naturally in response to a high amount of cellular waste, and it helps in reducing cellular waste.


The Predominant External Toxin Is Alcohol.

You know that over-consumption of alcohol is not good for your liver. But do you know the reason behind it? The alcohol you consume is converted into Acetaldehyde by the liver.

Acetaldehyde is toxic. Glutathione helps the liver to convert Acetaldehyde into a less toxic acid. In this way, Glutathione is essential for liver health and also Glutathione helps in detoxification.


Glutathione Boosts Metabolism

The liver must function at its best in your daily lives to have the most energy and perform at your best.

Glutathione helps the liver in producing enzymes and hormones it needs to metabolize food, fat, and sugar.


Glutathione Helps Your Immune System

Glutathione is essential to boost the production of white blood cells.

Since Glutathione helps the liver and brain to function better and also reduce the oxidative stress, your immune system also works better.


Glutathione Helps In Brain Health

The brain will have lots of oxidant stress since it uses 20% of the body’s oxygen.

More cellular waste will be present in the brain than any other part of the body. So the brain may require Glutathione than any other part of the body.


Glutathione Is Essential For Liver Health

If you are exhausted, stressed or working hard; Glutathione and amino acids which produce it will be depleted in your body.

The liver will have less Glutathione, and all the survival processes like creating enzymes, digesting food etc. slow down.

Processing acetaldehyde during alcohol consumption is also affected.


Protection Against Cancer

Cancer can be caused by oxidative stress. Glutathione helps to protect against oxidative stress. In this way, Glutathione is helpful in protecting you from cancer.


Preventing Brain Diseases Like Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s can be caused due to damage to brain cells by cellular waste. Glutathione prevents this from happening as it is an excellent antioxidant.


Glutathione Reduces Peroxide Levels

Glutathione reduces natural bleaching agents like calcium peroxide which are by-products of cellular metabolism.





Helping the body to produce Glutathione naturally is the best way. This can be done through regular exercise and eating healthy food-fruits, vegetables etc.

There you go, now you know all the ways Glutathione Helps In Detoxification.


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