How To Raise Your Glutathione Levels

How To Raise Your Glutathione Levels

Raising Your Glutathione Levels

As antioxidants come, glutathione stands head and shoulders above many of the common ones you may have heard about. This small compound also carries a huge weight on its shoulders in the race to keep your body healthy.

Glutathione is a pretty simple molecule that is produced by the body when it brings together 3 amino acids; glutamine, cysteine, and glycine. This simple peptide is found in all cells in the body because of the various functions it carries out within.

It has a hand in very many body functions. Glutathione is essential in the utilization of energy, getting rid of the cells of toxins as well as boosting the immune system and preventing diseases. Perhaps the most known function that glutathione is associated with is the ability to chelate destructive free radicals.

It is this anti-oxidation ability that has many people excited. It has been dubbed the master antioxidant because many of the other antioxidants like vitamin C, selenium and vitamin E require its presence so that they can pick off free radicals.




How do you raise your glutathione levels?

Despite its obvious importance, reserves get depleted quite quickly and its manufacture in the body is very easily sidetracked. Here are some natural ways of raising the glutathione levels in your body.


Eat Raw vegetables and fruits

The easiest way to increase your natural glutathione intake levels is by ingesting raw vegetables and fruits. A salad incorporating a variety of glutathione-rich foods is the ideal way to go. A salad containing spinach, avocado, cabbage, and tomatoes is an example. Emphasis should be put on ensuring that these are raw. Glutathione is easily denatured when heat is applied to it.


Raw milk and raw eggs

Raw milk and raw eggs are also good sources of glutathione. While the mere thought might be appalling to some, you should keep in mind that the pasteurization procedures used to make milk safe for drinking will also definitely denature the glutathione. You should, therefore, obtain these fresh products from a farm that you trust.


Reduce Stress

Leading a stress-free lifestyle will increase your body’s production of glutathione. If you are under constant stress, you are depleting your glutathione levels. You should find a way to alleviate your stress, activities that will calm you down. These include hobbies that take your mind of things.


Keep Away from Alcohol

Staying away from alcohol will also go a long way in maintaining adequate levels of the important antioxidant. Alcohol damages the liver – the organ with the highest amount of glutathione in the body.


Synthetic glutathione dietary supplements are not recommended because they are not easily absorbed into the body. And when absorbed, they disrupt the natural production of glutathione.



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