Relationship Of Glutathione And Cancer

glutathione may help prevent cancer

Cancer is the main cause of deaths in so many countries across the world. If it is not ranked as no.1, it will only be surpassed by road accidents in some countries.

Prevention is better than cure is most accurately applied to cancer. Until today scientists have not found real concrete treatments to cure cancer 100%.

But there are many conversations and debates about antioxidants and cancer.

Glutathione is the most favored of all antioxidants. So what is the relationship between Glutathione and cancer then?

But before that let us find out what Glutathione is. It is an antioxidant for sure and contains amino acids. In our body, it appears on every single cell wall.

More importantly, glutathione acts as a detoxifier! And luckily our body can produce it on its own.


Functions Of Glutathione

  1. It can act as a molecule for certain enzymes, and the body is protected from damage due to oxidation
  2. It helps to produce leukotriene, vital for the inflammatory processes.
  3. It helps to detox fats from the liver and gallbladder.
  4. It helps to detox methylglyoxal, which is a toxin produced during metabolism processes.
  5. It helps to reproduce proteins inside the body
  6. It also helps to promote cells for the function of immunizations
  7. It helps to absorb important vital nutrients

7 Ways To Increase Glutathione Levels

If you have less Glutathione in your body, it could lead to contracting diseases. Therefore it is crucial to increase the Glutathione level in our body. The best and recommended way is to do it naturally.

  1. Reducing stress levels and toxins, avoiding GMOs and processed foods – these can result in a reduction of Glutathione level in your body.
  2. Try to avoid using antibiotics, unless it is really necessary to take them. Regular intake of antibiotics proved to reduce Glutathione in the body.
  3. Consume more of foods that contain sulfur. This can be found in cruciferous vegetables, eggs, beef livers, and garlic. This is because sulfur is able to stimulate the production of Glutathione in our body.
  4. It is advisable to take foods that are rich in folate. This will help the body to produce Glutathione. Some examples of foods containing folate are liver, beans, peas, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, and avocados.
  5. Take more flax, which contains a lot of magnesium to be able to produce more Glutathione in our body. Also, good news if you like seaweed. Taking more seaweed can lead to an increased ability to generate more Glutathione.
  6. It is also worth to consider taking chlorella, proven to improve Glutathione production as well as functioning to detox cells.
  7. Lastly, it is recommended to do coffee enema more regularly. Coffee enemas have proven to keep breasts healthy, and now you can assure that it can increase the Glutathione level in the body by injecting into the body with kahweol and cafestol



Consuming foods high in antioxidants had been a major health concern in today’s ever-increasing awareness of healthy eating. And Glutathione and other antioxidants can be an X-factor to cancer prevention.

Contributed By Lydia1990

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