Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Glutathione Levels

ways to increase your glutathione levels

Glutathione is considered to be one of the most important antioxidants found inside the body. Other antioxidants like Vitamin C are also essential for the body but glutathione tops all others.

Glutathione not only helps in neutralizing free radicals in the body but also helps in recycling other antioxidants and grabs on to toxins inside the body to further strengthen the immune system.

There are a number of ways on how to increase your glutathione levels.


Ways To Increase Your Glutathione Levels

Higher Workout

Workout and physical exertion are essentially two very important aspects of the human body. It not only keeps our body in good shape but it also helps in increasing glutathione levels in our body.

In order to maintain a good or higher level of glutathione in the body, it is best to workout regularly. You should both work on your cardio and strengthening.

However, this will only work if you’re also having a well-balanced diet.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol should be avoided in any case. If you can’t, you should reduce it by just taking in alcohol on very special celebrations. Alcohol inside our body is traced as one of the reasons for a lot of diseases.

Excessive intake of alcohol can result in fatal diseases related to liver and brain damages. In some instances, it has been discovered that it has also an effect on lung damage because it decreases the levels of glutathione in the body.

Recent research has proved that excessive alcoholics have their glutathione levels decreased by at least eighty percent. Alcoholics are also deprived of proper sleep. Some studies confirmed that lack of sleep may lead to high oxidative stress that also lowers glutathione levels.

Increase Sulfur Intake

Sulfur is a particularly significant mineral. It is required for the structure and breakdown of proteins. It is considered necessary for the synthesis of glutathione to take place.

Sulfur is abundantly found in some plants and foods that are high in protein content. Some notable foods rich in sulfur content are broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and meat.

Coffee Consumption

Surprisingly, coffee consumption significantly increases the glutathione levels inside the plasma of a human body. Different researches have proved the fact that drinking coffee has resulted in high levels of glutathione.

Milk Thistle

There is a plant known as milk thistle and you can extract a white substance from it. This herbal extract is commonly used to treat liver related diseases but studies have also shown that it can increase your body’s glutathione levels.

The milk thistle basically contains a compound called silymarin. This compound is responsible for preventing cells from getting damaged and also raising the glutathione levels in the body because of its prominent antioxidant properties.



Glutathione is a very important element inside the body and is found that having high levels of it can greatly improve how our body functions. Keep your glutathione levels high by following a good diet plan and avoiding things that can lower it by any chance.

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