3 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

3 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

When it comes to application of make-up and beautification, every girl should learn some tricks and tips that suit her and brings the best out of her. There are countless beauty tricks and when we may not get a hand on all of them, we will compile a list of the most versatile, effective, easy to do and unique beauty tricks that will significantly ease your day to day life.

It is in the nature of ladies to stay attractive, this obsession though might be hard for some ladies. Tedious processes and routines every day may be tiring if not boring. Not to worry though for these hacks will cheer you up.

These hacks will make life easy for you by cutting your tedious routines and leave you looking fantastic. Stay in touch for regular updates on tips and beauty hacks from us. As for now let us jump into today’s beauty hacks.




You do not have to spend several hours applying a perfect make up while you could achieve that is very simple and fast tricks. These hacks will help you save the time and money spent on buying cosmetics routinely.

Here we look at the little but fast tricks that have been proven to give a perfect look without spending extra time on the mirror and getting everyone annoyed for delaying them with your make up routine. It is discouraging, having spent a lot of time in front of your mirror but then you do not get the expected results.

Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Covering Dark Or Puffy Eye Circles

There are several ways of killing a cat. But remember not all of them are effective, some turn out to be a waste of time while some achieve a mediocre result.

So what is the trick for having your puffy eye circles covered perfectly? I hear you talking about dotting the concealer but that’s another intimidating routine.

It is as simple as applying the concealer in a triangular shape with the base of the triangle at the base of the lash line while the tip touches the top of your cheeks. Think of it like an inverted triangle.

This trick will not only cover your eye circles but also brighten up the look on your face.


Wiggling Your Mascara Brush

The last time you remember applying fake eyelashes took you a minimum of 20 minutes in the mirror to get that lash look you were looking for, right?

I have a trick for you eyelash lovers. You only need to apply your mascara correctly to get a heavenly look.

The magic will work when you wiggle your brush over the eyelashes in a zigzag gesture rather that the stroking your eyes. This pushes the lashes up and maximizes on their length giving you a wonderful look.


Remove That Sticky Lipstick With Petroleum Jelly

We all love that dark or red lipstick that lasts almost forever so you don’t have to keep applying it over and over. But the problem kicks in when you actually want to get it off.

Using a tissue paper alone will not help the situation. Some people are also sensitive to lipstick removers. What option do you have left? You might start to consider living with the lipstick but that would be weird.

I found a very effective way of removing lipstick using Petroleum jelly. When the tissue was not helping and I was the type that hates removers, I tried out some jelly and to my surprise; the lipstick came off tirelessly when I wiped it off.





Sometimes getting your make-up done perfectly can be tedious and removing the same make-up that you put on could also be a tedious process. Hopefully, these tricks will be helpful to you after reading them.

Keep in touch to get more Beauty tricks and hacks that will be a time saver for you.


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