4 Better Practices for Face Care

4 Better Practices for Face Care

Most of us might have grown up assuming that the fate of your skin depends on one’s heredities. That is not entirely true. The health of your skin is only about 20-30% dependent on genetics while the remaining huge percentage rests squarely on how you care for your skin each and every day.

I am not sure if there is anyone out there who doesn’t love a flawless and beautiful skin. Obviously your face is often the most exposed part of your skin that people generally first come into contact with and hence you must greatly care for your skin and face.


Here Are Some Of The Best Practices For Face Care

Do not use regular soap

Never apply any cleaning product or soap on your face that leaves it dry. You may notice but not understand why soaps tend to leave your face dry when applied. This is because of the effect of binders (these hold soap bar together) in soaps that are in the alkaline base.

With this high pH balance, your skin will be deprived of any water and natural oils as the skin are made to dehydrate. Without moisture, your skin cells will not be healthy and may result to dry skin and acne.


Consider your sleeping position at night on your pillow

Depending on how you sleep, wrinkles may be forced on your skin. I understand this may be a surprise or something new to some but it is a fact. You roughly spend 2,500 hours a year squeezing your face into a pillow while you sleep; just right after you exposed your face to harmful UV rays during the day.

Back sleeping or sleeping on your side is most recommended as a best practice for face care even though the two have their pros and cons too. Furthermore, a slippery fabric pillow is recommended and the idea is that it will minimize the chances of your skin folding and wrinkling when you sleep.


Regular facial scrub from Esthetician

Of course the esthetician also known as a beautician should be very experienced. He or she should know what to suggest when your beauty products are not working.

Regular facial comes with a number of advantages including increasing circulation which is often slowed down as the skin grows older.

Additionally, a facial is important for unblocking clogged pores in the skin caused by a number of factors including dead and dry skin cells, makeup, and dirty environment. Clogged pores in the skin impede proper breathing of the skin and the absorption of moisture that is necessary for a healthy and stunning skin.


Daily use of moisturizer

Exposure to UVA/Sun rays is a sure guarantee of getting skin wrinkles. It is recommended that you apply the moisturizer on your skin and face daily as the chances of getting exposed to the sun are often high. Even while driving or while walking to your car you will have been exposed to enough sun that is not good for your skin.

A moisturizer when applied on your face forms a thin film which serves to avert the possible loss of moisture.


Sleep Well

Sleeping for the recommended hours, 8, by sleep experts will enable your tired and saggy skin including your face skin to relax and straighten. That happens because of tissue repair and regeneration that happens when you sleep.

For naturally healing and soothing the skin of your face, it is advised that you apply honey twice or thrice per week. As well, washing and moisturizing your face before you sleep is also advised for face care. The moisturizer used should be alcohol free and avoid hot water as it tends to dry out the skin.



In conclusion, the best practices for face care enumerated above are not that exhaustive, you will still find other common best practices. For example, some other best practices for face care may include giving yourself amini facial in the comfort of your home and washing your face in the morning regularly. Do you have other special face care practices that you want to share?


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