5 Must-have Foods for Fabulous Skin

5 Must-have Foods for Fabulous Skin

There is a famous saying that we are products of what we eat. Food is essential for us humans, and they are the best litmus paper to test for the quality of our food.

Our skins are products of how good or bad we feed our bodies. It is, therefore, necessary to consider food as a remedy for better and glowing skin. Although some foods are seasonal in most parts of the world, most of the skin-friendly meals are available throughout the year.



Below is a list of must-have foods for fabulous skin.

5 Must-have Foods for Fabulous Skin

Black And Green Vegetables

A human body has the capability of converting vitamin A to beta-carotene from the veggies. The vitamin A ensures that the body has a continuous cell production in the body.

Vegetables, therefore, ensure that there is a constant production of skin cells and there is a constant replacement of the dead cells making the skin glow.

The good thing about veggies is that they are accessible and relatively cheap compared to supplements. Red cabbage and spinach are good examples.


Fruits Especially Citrus And Guava

Fruits are a vital part of must-have foods for fabulous skin. Fruits can be taken differently either by making smoothies or being taken raw. It all depends on the creativity and your preference.

Citrus fruits, for example, are rich in amino acids and the Vitamin C. These components help in making collagen active, which is essential in helping to make the skin hydrated.

Fruits are most important for people with oily skins. Another fruit that is important in maintaining a fabulous skin include Guava that is also rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C.


Green Tea And Dark Chocolate As Antioxidants

Green tea is one of the most taken drinks in the world. It is mostly available in stores, and it is relatively cheap. Green tea has many benefits to the human skin ranging from having extraordinary antioxidant levels to giving the skin a glowing look over time.

Dark chocolate is widely known for its antioxidant properties. It can be taken on any time of the day and is readily available.



You can never go wrong with soy. As we grow older, the skin starts to respond by forming wrinkles as opposed to when we are young.

Nobody wants to look old. This is why soy is such an important food in straightening the skin and reducing the wrinkles. Isoflavones element improves the look of the skin and also helps the skin against harmful UV light.



Do you sometimes find your skin dry and wrinkled? Broccoli might be the solution. It contains zinc, vitamin A, and Vitamin C. these three components combined with lutein makes the skin gain a recommendable level of moisture.

Broccoli has a chemical compound known as sulforaphane which helps the skin against harsh UV rays.





This list is composed of what foods to eat. However, it is worth noting that some foods are harmful to your skin.

Sugar, for example, has been a subject of many scientific tests and has been proved harmful to healthy skin, the same with dairy products.

Although not mentioned above, water is an integral part of the human body and should regularly be taken for better skin.


Contributed By: Zurisana

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