What Foods Are Good For Cell Repair

What Foods Are Good For Cell Repair

Every human being is programmed to repair and regenerate his or her own cells naturally and automatically. That is what makes it possible for us to heal, grow and develop.


Every day our bodies turn over around 50 to 70 billion cells. For instance, the red blood cells are replaced in every 120 days while the skin usually in a month. Even when you bruise or cut yourself the mark usually disappears in about 7 days, that is what is called cell repair.




What we eat plays a vital role in our body’s ability of cell repair; this is because the nutrients obtained from the food act as the cells building blocks.


In order to protect our cells and enable repair to be very fast we need to be eating healthier foods rich in nutrients like the amino acids, vitamin c and fatty acids rather than eating junk foods. Below is a list of foods that are essential for not only cell repair but also protection.

Essential Foods For Cell Repair


The American Society of Nutrition published an article indicating that the oil obtained from fish provides our bodies with an anti-inflammatory gene expression which is a product of omega 3 fatty acids. This anti-inflammatory gene reduces the risk of getting any infection that may destroy cells. Furthermore, during cell repair, it provides new and stronger cells.


Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds usually contain proteins and a little fat. Seeds like the hemp, almond, and chia contain alpha-linolenic acid which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties hence protecting the cells.



Since a very long time ago, mushrooms have been used for traditional medicine. They have high polyphenol content essential for liver cell protection and repair.



Herbs such as the oregano and rosemary should be regularly included in the diet. This is because they contain rosmarinic acid which is also an anti-inflammatory agent with the ability to aid in cell repair.



Apples are not like any other ordinary fruits. They are known to contain calcium D-glucarate which other fruits lack. The calcium D-glucarate is a phytochemical that plays a vital role in liver detoxification and repair of neighboring cells.



It is advisable to always have berries in your house. They are known to be rich in flavonoids that control inflammation and also play part in cell repair.


In this article, inflammation has been mentioned a couple of times. It is the body’s action or response towards injury or any infection. It usually results in pimples, bruises, swelling and even soreness at times. These systems can be avoided and countered by including foods which contain anti-inflammatory agents in your diet as they also go hand in hand with cell repair.


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