Fruits and Vegetables Good for the Skin

Fruits and Vegetables Good for the Skin

I lost count on how many skin crèmes, moisturizers, and exfoliators I have used to get rid of blemishes, breakouts and all the pretty things surrounding sensitive skin. So if you are like me and just want to clear up your skin, whether to feel better and more comfortable in your skin then read on.

I have come to figure out, more come to the acceptance that improving my skin begins with what I put into my body. So I have compiled a list of fruits and vegetables that are good for the skin. Of course, you might have to modify the list if you have any allergies.




Fruits & Vegetables Good for the Skin


Tomatoes are filled with the mighty antioxidant selenium, which works with vitamins E and C, tomatoes are great for boosting the immune system. Not only that but it also improves the skin’s natural SPF, which in turn protects your skin against skin cancer, sun damage and age spots.



Broccoli, much like tomatoes, broccoli is also high in vitamin C and E. Vitamin C is helpful when trying to keep the skin healthy and supple, Vitamin E protects the skin membranes against the sun’s UV radiation. Cook the Broccoli with some olive oil to give it some flavor; olive oil is also good for the skin.


Red Grapes

These fruits are believed to contain powerful natural chemicals and antioxidants that can treat or help treat inflammatory skin. Red grapes are also classified as a natural antihistamine, which can help control some side effects of allergic reactions.



This fruit is all the rage right now, which is great because it is a great source of Vitamin E. And similar to tomatoes and broccoli, also a great source of vitamin C. Notice a trend here? Regular portions of avocado are thought to have a natural moisturizer. As oil, avocado oil is great for the production of collagen that helps improve tone and texture.



For those that are fans of artichokes, artichoke has been linked to the healthier skin by improving the skins’ luminosity. Interestingly, the artichoke is often used as an herbal remedy in many creams and cosmetics because of the high levels of antioxidants. As many of the fruits and vegetables on the list, this vegetable improves the natural immune system.



The entire fruit is considered a super food, including the peel! A pomegranate is full of antioxidants, sometimes even considered the king of antioxidants fruits. Their antioxidants help provide for a supple and youthful skin.

Although there are many more types of food that can help improve skin, these are great as a starting off point when beginning to improve the skin from the inside out. Fruits and vegetables go with any type of diet, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, so anyone can find some inspiration for their medicine cabinet.


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