Why Organic Skin Care Products Are The Best

Organic Skin Care Products

An estimated 20 percent of skin care products available to you on the market contain casino genic products. Despite this fact, the FDA has not come around to regulating products used in the manufacture of beauty ingredients. Recent studies indicate over 80 percent of people using skin care products to have some subtle negative effects such as parabens in their body tissue.

Of all beauty and skin care products available, only about 10 percent of chemicals used in the manufacture of skin care products have documented safety data. Now this may not convince you to opt for organic skin care products, but here is why.



Why use organic skin care products

Non-organic products have over the years managed to be responsible for various cancerous afflictions on their users. As the lotions, creams, and various serums find their way into the body via the skin, they act as cancer triggers.

Since most of these chemical products do not break down, accumulation may harm our environment. After careful analysis of the manufacturing process, effects to the environment are extensive. Organic skin care products on the other hand host a different approach to the whole scenario.

Reasons to use organic skin care products

There are numerous reasons why you should opt for organic skin care products and here are some to state just a few.


Poor regulations

Non-organic skin care products are badly regulated making it difficult to be sure of products health implications. In the US alone, cosmetic companies can use virtually any chemicals without the need for government authorization.

For the average consumer, this has great potential for a huge disaster, especially after prolonged use. For a user, it is important that they conduct proper research on the products they plan to use before they do.


Harmful chemicals

Research points to most cosmetic products containing harmful chemicals. Lead has been identified as a common ingredient in most beauty products. Implications of the use of such products may cause brain damage, gastrointestinal health issues, kidney dysfunction and even failure and seizures among others.

Other harmful ingredients include formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, nitrosamines, and perfume. Perhaps the most commonly found ingredient in most skin care products are the parabens and their various chemical formulas. This has been noted as one potential cause of cancer in beauty products.


Zero nutrient value

Unlike organic products, non-organic cosmetics mask the deficiencies in health to give temporary beauty. Natural products supplement nutrients needed to get and stay beautiful. There is no point in being pretty for a day while you could be always beautiful.


Harm your body

Non-organic products may harm not only you but also children before birth too. Some chemicals found in cosmetics can affect brain development leading to conditions such as autism and dyslexia. However, the percentage may not be that high, why should you take the risk?


Financial benefits

Unlike popular belief, organic skin care products are cheaper than non-organic ones.





The reasons on why organic skin care products are better are out there. These are healthier, cheaper and nourish you. The body is a temple so treat it like such.

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